IT Support for the Elderly (Contd.)

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IT Support for the Elderly (Contd.)

IT support for the elderly is important in an area that has a big senior population.

IT Support for the Elderly |480-832-4600

IT Support for the Elderly |480-832-4600

Tech Support for Seniors

There is a lot of misinformation out there. For example, there is a belief that the elderly don’t like to use computers and as a computer shop offering tech support for seniors, we can assure you that’s not the case.  There is a technology gap between seniors and younger people, however, the belief that computers are only for the young is not correct.  A surprising fact is that computer usage is increasing rapidly with seniors over the age of sixty.  It makes sense if you think about it.  Even in the age of texting, email is still a popular form of communication.  Our society is fueled by information, and there are more and more ways to connect to family and friends with common interest including computer games, which many people think that only the young play.  Sooner or later, as a result of all of this, everyone needs tech support.

Computers, tablets, and smartphones are complicated. Constant upgrades, complex software, and the way technology rapidly changes can be confusing for anyone. Computer literacy is more than just fitting in, it is independence. There are lots of seniors who have embraced the computer age.  But, plenty of seniors have eagerly and easily entered the computer age.  The benefits of being connected are many.

Computer Use and The Elderly

Another really good reason for IT support for the elderly is the effect that computer use has on the elderly. Not only do computers help to stay connected, they offer services that make life easier, as well as opportunities to remain active members of their community. In addition, computer use promotes brain health as well as improve cognitive skills.

Online social networking is also increasing among older adults. Seniors are going online for socialization using Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, chat rooms and to access online communities. Social networking is bringing these seniors closer to both friends and relatives as well as giving them connections to help them in other areas of their lives. Helping the elderly with computer issues is important for so many reasons.

A lot of community colleges as well as senior centers offer a variety of courses in how to use computers. Seniors that feel left behind by technology are encouraged to sign up for these courses.   The learning is just part of it.  Tech support for seniors rounds it off.


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