Memory and Storage

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Memory and Storage

Buying a computer can be a confusing process. You read the little piece of paper that’s supposed to tell you what you are buying and you find a bunch of numbers and unfamiliar jargon.

When buying a computer, know the difference between memory and storage |480-834-1318

When buying a computer, know the difference between memory and storage |480-834-1318

The most common mistake most people make is not knowing the difference between Memory and Storage. We hear people use the terms interchangeably all the time and that can lead to disappointment with your purchase.

What is the Difference Between Computer Memory and Computer Storage?

What is the difference between computer memory and computer storage? 

Memory is non-technical shorthand for the system’s RAM. In most cases the number next to it will be 4, 8, or 16 followed by GB. RAM is a very fast go between that the computer places your files and programs into to improve performance. That is why the number is so small, and why a larger amount may increase performance. The more RAM you have the more it can load into this temporary buffer.

Storage refers to the system’s Hard Drive. Common numbers are 500 or 750 followed by GB and 1 or 2 followed by TB. This number refers to the amount of files and programs you can save to the computer. A larger amount means more space for your stuff. Once storage reaches 1000 GB they adjust the scale and start counting again at 1TB. Unlike RAM, more Hard Drive space will not speed up the computer, although you can get faster Hard Drives to store your files on but the cost vs storage space increases greatly. At SoftQue, we can help you may sense out a your next Computer Purchase, come by and see us.

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