Data Recovery

First let us say for the bajillianth time . . . . BACK UP YOUR HARD DRIVE!  They crash . . . They ALWAYS CRASH! . . . It’s not a question of if . . . it’s only a question of when and how bad.

Got A Backup?

Sadly, hard drive reliability in the current world of cheaper systems driven by consumer demand, is not so good.  You must have a backup method or system in place or you will suffer a data loss at some point.  Trust us, in our business we see this multiple times each week.  From precious family photos to critical quickbooks company files, please backup your drives!

Computer Data Recovery

If you do suffer a loss, come to SoftQue in Mesa.  We are experts in hard drive data recovery and retrieve valuable data for our customers every week.  If the problem is software related we have sophisticated and specialized computer programs that are able to help us recover your files.

Although there is never any guarantee of success, we achieve excellent results for our customers on a regular basis.  If the problem is due to an electronic failure on the drive, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to help with that as well.

A Worst Case Scenario – The Dreaded Hard Drive Crash

An extreme situation in regards to data recovery is the head crash, which results in failure of the hard disk. This is often caused by dropping or hitting a pc or laptop while the disk is spinning but can occur without physical trauma as well. The read-write head is slammed into the platter while it rotates, and it is possible to destroy the magnetic media on the disk.

While data recovery may not be complete, a head crash does not always destroy all the files on the hard drive. The problem is that the hard drive spins so rapidly, when the head makes contact it scrapes a good bit of the surface before the disk can come to a stop.

Choosing a Data Recovery Service

Most computers have sensitive and private information on them, and you may not be comfortable with allowing just anyone to recover lost files. You should have confidence that your information will be returned to you without any concerns that your privacy and security have been compromised in any way. This makes it vitally important to carefully select who you use for hard drive recovery.  Please see our Privacy Policy.

At SoftQue, we take pride in providing safe and secure data recovery services to our customers. In the event of a head crash, our knowledgeable staff uses Drive Savers  for the most extensive file recovery possible and we can offer you a special discounted rate. Call us for all your file recovery and computer repair needs – SoftQue is a name you can trust. 1-480-832-4600

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