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computer_repairHow long you keep a computer is directly related to how difficult it is to let it go. Many dread the thought of loosing an “old friend”.

Mesa Computer Repair

As operating systems change, most people feel they must change along with them, this is the “line” of the operating system manufacturers who want to sell new software and it does become a necessity at some point.  But there are still users running systems as old as Windows XP® and with some care, it can work just fine!

Using either one of Softque’s 2 pc and laptop repair shops in Mesa, Az. is a great low cost alternative to replacing your system!  Most issues that occur are related to software and minor hardware repair so why buy a new computer?  We can work wonders with an older computer and if it’s time to replace it, we will be the first to let you know.

Updating Your Operating System: When is the Right Time?

It has become a custom for some users to wait for the bugs to get worked out of new operating systems before changing over. This was true of XP systems when Vista first arrived, and some people still haven’t changed.

In Mesa, Arizona many older computer users love their machines so much that updating an older machine is often the first option. Whereas a gamer wants to have the fastest machine with the best graphics and accessories, many other users primarily use their computers for email and social networking. It isn’t necessary to have the newest operating system or the fastest computer for those online activities.

Reasons to Stick with Your Old Computer

* The old saying has been around awhile; “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The salesperson at the electronics store may tell you it is imperative that you make the leap to current technology. Remember they sell computers for a living, but opting for a new machine may not be what you need to do at the time. As long as your pc runs the applications you use, it is not obsolete.

* You still like using your current machine.

Anytime you change computers, it is a learning experience. It is like getting up one morning and finding yourself in an entirely different place. You don’t know where the kitchen is or any of your personal belongings.

If you are into new things and cost isn’t an issue, don’t worry about computer repair; just jump to a new computer, but if you like having things set up your way and knowing where everything is, you might want to hang onto Old Faithful.

* File and Data Storage on the Machine

Most people keep a computer for at least five years, and during that time they most likely will need some sort of computer repair. Over that long a time frame, most users store plenty of files, documents, bookmarks, images, etc. on the hard drive.

Some don’t consider a filing system that will make moving to a new computer as simple as it could be. Switching computers always poses the risk of data loss and files left behind that are stored in forgotten folder locations.

Fixing an older computer is often more comforting to folks than the stress and worry over what will get lost in the shuffle until they have more time to make backups and sort through their files.

Computer Repair Instead of a New Machine

It is always good to have a computer repair specialist in the wings for the times when you need your mechanical friend fixed. Laptop repair as well as desktop computer repair is generally the most affordable way to go, saving you time, money, and worry about transition to a new machine.

Computer repair in Mesa is an easy solution when you know the right place to call. SoftQue has the expertise to solve your computer woes quickly and affordably. Your business is important to us, and we won’t let you down. We believe honesty is the best policy; if we think you would do better getting a new machine, we’ll tell you.

Call today to see if your operating system and machine are up to snuff enough to last you a little while longer. For computer repair in Mesa, call SoftQue! 480-832-4600

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