Virus Removal

Is Your Computer Infected With Spyware/Malware?

The computer virus has been around for many years.  Misguided “hackers” with too much time on their hands seem to delight in disabling and even damaging your computer!  There are literally thousands of strains of these evil little programs out there waiting to infect your computer system and cost you time and money.  We have years of experience removing these little trouble makers and making sure that your system is properly protected when it leaves the shop.virus-removal-service

The rise in popularity of the Internet, online shopping, and social networking has given birth to the phenomenon of the dreaded Spyware infection!

What Does A Spyware Virus Do?

Unlike the traditional computer Virus, it is not typically the aim of the Spyware infection to harm or disable your computer (sometimes they do).  Spyware has several different classifications and pose different levels of threat but regardless of threat level, their aim is to MAKE MONEY FROM YOU!

They do this with a wide range of approaches, anything from influencing your web searches, popup advertising, and password theft to outright fraud and theft!  This class of infection can be very difficult to remove from your system.

Computer Virus Removal

At SoftQue, we successfully disinfect hundreds of computers every month.  If your computer is acting “funny”, can’t connect to the Internet, or displays messages telling you it’s infected, don’t wait, bring it in to SoftQue! Call us today 480-832-4600

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