For the average person, setting up a home or office network can be frustrating.  Computer network settings can be daunting and very complex.  Whether using hard wired Ethernet cables or Wireless Networking in Mesa Az. and the surrounding area, SoftQue can Help!

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If you want to setup a wireless home network, it’s important to encrypt your router to safeguard your network and prevent others from using up your Internet bandwidth!  SoftQue can help you set that up and get it done right!

Wireless Internet Network vs Hard Wired

Using Ethernet cable to setup your home or business network is still the most reliable and secure way to go but it’s not always practical.  It comes with the hassle of running lines everywhere a computer might be used. Older homes and businesses built before the days of computer networking are problematic to rewire, and any place with three or more computers can be a wiring nightmare.

Many people who travel want to connect to a WiFi router wherever they might be, and the laptop or tablet is a prime reason for creating a wireless network. The speed of connecting and communicating via a wireless router has improved a great deal since the early models so that there is really little if any loss of speed when going from a hard wired version to a wireless internet connection.

Need Help Setting Up A Wifi?

Setting up a wireless internet connection on your own may take hours and one mistake in that setup may limit how well your internet performs. Why go through the worry when a professional can have you up and running in a short time with a router setup that won’t need to be adjusted every time you get ready to go online?

At SoftQue, we can supply all the hardware you need, schedule an onsite visit to install the equipment for you, and perform any other computer related services you need.  Call us today for a quote! 480-832-4600

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