Modern Virus / Malware Threats (Part Four)

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Modern Virus / Malware Threats (Part Four)

To continue our discussion on Virus/Malware infections, we will discuss The following dangers:

computer parts

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Spyware Toolbars Viruses / Trojans


Most spyware is not malicious but causes performance problems. As you travel around the internet sites you gather files called cookies which may contain pieces of spyware that live your computer. This allows the website to share data about your browsing habits and the parts inside your computer with 3rd party advertisers. Most cookies are not spyware and most spyware does not have access to sensitive information on your computer. It can, however, slow down your computer over time and clog up your hard drive. It’s not a good idea to leave Spyware on your system, it needs to be cleaned off regularly.


It is Easy to accidentally install with legitimate software just like adware. You will notice your view of the internet shrinking as more and more Toolbars dock themselves below the address bar. Your browser will start to become sluggish and unresponsive. There are two classes of toolbars. The first type are simply an annoyance, while the other can carry other infections with them. The second type can hijack your browser, steal your personal info and even open up a backdoor to your computer like a trojan virus (named after the Trojan Horse in Greek Mythology).
e.g. Type 1: Yahoo Toolbar, Ask Toolbar, Google Toolbar
e.g. Type 2: Babylon Toolbar, Conduit Toolbar, Snap.du Toolbar

Viruses / Trojans

While less common these days, Viruses are still a huge threat to your computers safety. Designed to infiltrate and disrupt the operation of your computer, viruses disable a lot of the tools designed to keep your computer safe. Often on computers with lots of malware there is a virus that opened up the computer to those infections. Trojans are a type of virus made explicitly to open a backdoor to your computer. Named after the famous horse of mythology, they function in the same way, allowing attackers past your defenses and leaving your system at grave risk.

Virus/Malware infections can be serious business and there may actually be little or no indication that they have infected your computer. At SoftQue, we are experts in finding, identifying and removing these threats for you. Come in for a check and tune up today!

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