Slow Computer?

  • Are You Infected?

    • Is your Computer/Laptop running slow?
    • Can’t Check your Email or get On-Line?
    • Getting Popups and Warnings?
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  • Computer Repairs

    • All makes & models of PC compatible Computers!
    • Laptops Repairs!  Hinges, Screens, Fans, Keyboards, and More!
    • Upgrade your RAM, Hard Drives, Video and Sound Cards!
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  • Computers/Laptops

    • We build High Quality Computers!
    • Home & Office Systems and Blazing Fast Gaming Machines!
    • Remanufactured Computers and High Quality Laptops!
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Why Choose SoftQue?

Computer Repair

How long you keep a computer is directly related to how difficult it is to let it go. Many dread the thought of loosing an “old friend”.….....


For the average person, setting up a home or office network can be frustrating.  Computer network settings can be daunting and very complex.  Whether using hard wired Ethernet….....

Data Recovery

First let us say for the bajillianth time . . . . BACK UP YOUR HARD DRIVE!  They crash . . . They ALWAYS CRASH! . .….....

Our Services


For over 28 years, SoftQue has offered the BEST service in the Valley. Ranked #1 among local consumers.

ConsultingWe value your business and will be here to help you in the future as your computer needs continue to grow.

Computer RepairOur technicians are experienced and will find economical solutions to your computer problems.

7 Easy Tips7 Easy Tips To Speed Up Your Slow Computer.

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