New Computers

At SoftQue we have been building computers for over 20 years.  We supply reliable high quality computers to many East Valley Small Businesses.  We also build hundreds of computers for consumers like you and have a variety of stock models to choose from.

new-computerNeed A New Computer?

Production built or “Name Brand” computers may seem like a good deal at first but typically suffer in the area of quality and hence offer much lower performance and reliability.  Besides, the cost of a new computer is normally higher than a custom built system.

Custom Built Computer Systems

Avid game players have relied on SoftQue for years.  We build custom computers with any specifications you would like.  We build systems in almost any price range from simple and reliable to screaming fast and capable.

Your Computer Options

You can pick the processor, video cards, power supplies, RAM and hard drive size, and any other components you would like to add or let SoftQue make the recomendations to you.

Custom built computers don’t have to be new either. The architecture of a PC is such that adding new hardware can revive an old machine to perform wonderfully for some applications. Our remanufactured computers even come with warranties, and they generally result in substantial cost savings.

In a server application, speed and storage are the two most important hardware requirements. There is no real need for an expensive monitor, special keyboard, or even a wireless mouse.

The Need for Multiple Computers

At one time, people had one type of PC that they used for all their computing needs, but due to the low cost of computing hardware today, custom built computers allow for multiple machines. If you have more than one auto, you may have a compact for long trips and a luxury vehicle for the short hops around town. Computers can be considered in much the same way.

Laptop Computers

Laptops are ideal for on the run lifestyles, but you may prefer the larger screen and keyboard of the standard desktop PC in a more comfortable setting in the home. Each serves a purpose, and the uses for each might be entirely different. The laptop may have business applications, while the home computer is simply for personal enjoyment.

It is often desirable to put the kids into their own computer as well.  This eliminates the problem of having the kids install a lot of unwanted software on the computer you count on for your personal use including online banking, book keeping, precious family photos, and more.

New And Custom Built Computers by Softque

SoftQue is the leading computer service source in Mesa, and we can provide you with machines built in house or upgrades to your existing machine. You can bring in your old computers for assessment and/or repair or just call and let us know what you are looking for. We know how to get the most from laptops, gamer machines, servers, and everyday home computers. All it takes is one call or one visit and you are on your way to your “dream machine.” 480-832-4600

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