Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Commitment

  We at SoftQue value the relationship we have with our customers and are committed to responsible information handling practices.

 As a computer repair and services business, we have a Privacy Policy and a Data Security Policy.

 SoftQue’s policy serves to prevent misuse of customer information and to avoid inconvenience to our customers. Our Data Security Policy applies when we provide computer services to you where we have access to the data saved on your systems. Your personal or business computer may hold a great deal of information that could cause significant financial or personal damage if misused. As your computer service provider we want you to trust that we will protect the security of your personal and business information.

 Privacy Policy

  What information does SoftQue collect and how is the information used?

 We collect personal information such as your contact information (name, phone numbers, email address), billing/shipping information (drivers license number, home address) as necessary to do business with you.

We use the information you provide in order to fulfill your requests for products, services or information and occasionally send you flyers or other marketing communications. At your request, we will not use your information for marketing communications.

  Do SoftQue websites use cookies or other technologies to collect information?


 Does SoftQue share the information I’ve provided?

 No. We do not in any way sell or share information you provide to us. Note that you may also receive marketing materials about us that were sent using a mailing service we employ. Such services maintain their own lists, independently generated. We have no control over who is on their lists.

 Do I have choices regarding how my information is used?

 Yes. Let the privacy Manager (contact information given below) know your preferences.

 Data Security Policy

 Are my account passwords, personal and business information, and the data on my hard drive safe with you?

 We have been servicing computer systems for over 20 years without incident in maintaining your privacy. You always know who is working on your system, not a faceless technician hidden in the back.

 How does SoftQue secure my personal information?

 We have security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse, unauthorized access and alteration of the information under our control. We cannot guarantee occurrences, such as data loss, will not occur. We take all reasonable precautions to prevent them, and have a long record of success.

 Whom can I contact if I have questions or concerns?

 You may contact our privacy manager: David Larsen by Mail, Phone, or Email:

Attn: David Larsen
801 South Power Rd #108
Mesa, AZ 85212


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